Wire Edge Binding

The Garage Annex School invites you to consider an upcoming workshop:

Come learn wire edge binding fundamentals from its inventor! You’ll find wire edge is a great solution for everything from a codex to a book sculpture.  

Join us in Easthampton, MA, U.S.A. at the Garage Annex School for Daniel Kelm’s The Book Restructured–Wire Edge Binding. (Please see the website to view a gallery of wire edge bindings.)

You may register online using MasterCard or Visa, or you may download a PDF registration form and mail it with your check. (If you want to mail a check, email us to put your name on the list.) 

And please help spread the word by forwarding this message to friends and colleagues who would be interested to know about this workshop and the Garage Annex School. Thank you! 

The Book Restructured– Wire Edge Binding with Daniel E. Kelm

August 15-16, Saturday-Sunday
Tuition: $195 plus materials: $25
Enrollment limited to twelve.

The range of books being produced today by artists is truly remarkable. Some diverge wildly from what we recognize as traditional book form, others play with slight variations.

If you’re interested in creating a nontraditional book (e.g., a book with thick pages, or a book that is sculptural), the achievement of your goal may require the use of a material or movement not possible with conventional structures. Wire edge hinging grew out of just such a challenge. This binding configuration utilizes a thin metal wire along the spine edge of each page. The metal wire is exposed at regular intervals creating knotting stations where thread attaches one page to the next. The result is a binding that opens exceptionally well, and gives you the option of producing unusual shapes.

During the two days we will look at various wire-edge structures useful for books, enclosures, and articulated sculpture. You will produce both a simple codex, and an accordion model that forms a tetrahedron.

Submitted by:

Greta D. Sibley

Garage Annex School, Inc.

One Cottage Street #5, Room 5-03

Easthampton, MA 01027 U.S.A.





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