Decorated Paper Field Trip, Take Two

January 30, 2010
1:30 to 4:30pm
Newton, MA

By popular demand, we have organized another field trip to view Sid Berger’s spectacular decorated paper collection. Participants in last year’s field trip would agree that their collection is truly fascinating, and the Bergers have very warmly agreed to open up their home to Chapter members a second time.  If you missed the chance last time, or if you need to see it again, please join us! 

Sid and his wife Michele Cloonan have been building their treasury for decades, and an afternoon will hardly be enough to absorb it all.  The collection includes a sample dating from 740 from Japan, proto-papers such as papyrus and parchment, a prodigious assortment of marbled papers, including Japanese marbling which predates Western marbling, and much more.  He also has a library of approximately 2,500 books on the subject.

This event will be limited to 20 people- be sure to register soon as spots will fill up quickly.  New England Chapter members will have priority in reservations.  Directions will be sent directly to registrants.

RSVP to our Events Coordinator, Christina Amato: