Linked-Spine Bindings

A Bookbinding Anomaly:
Linked-Spine Bindings
An Illustrated Lecture by Sam Ellenport

March 18th  6:00 pm  at the Schlesinger Library
Radcliffe/Harvard University, Cambridge MA

Sam Ellenport of the Harcourt Bindery will present “A Bookbinding Anomaly: Linked-Spine Bindings.”  This illustrated talk will explore a little known aspect of bookbinding decoration, used on sets of books.  The binder makes use of the entire rectangle comprised of all the spines as a canvas on which to produce an overall design, whether representational or abstract.  This talk is free and open to the public.
Sam Ellenport, a past Chair of the New England Chapter of GBW, has been binding since 1970 and is a student of binding history.