NBSS Student Exhibition

North Bennet Street School’s annual student exhibition is on view until May 28 at the site of the Old Corner Bookstore, corner of Washington and School Street (Downtown Crossing) in Boston.

The New England Chapter will sponsor an informal gallery talk on Monday May 24, 2010 at 6:00pm.  This event is free and open to the public.  Bookbinding Department Head (and New England Chapter Chair) Jeff Altepeter will speak briefly about the bookbinding program and the exhibit, and introduce some of the student binders.  Don’t miss this opportunity to speak with some up and coming binders (and GBW members!) about their work.

While there is wonderful work from first and second year students on display in the bookbinding cases, the focal point of the bookbinding exhibition is the set book fine binding project.  The second year students have all bound copies of an exceptionally appropriate imprint from Incline Press.

Cuts of Craftworkers by Jost Amman reproduces fifty-seven cuts from Amman’s Standbüch or Book of Trades of 1568. Book binders, paper makers, bakers, musical instrument makers, tailors and pin makers are only a few of the craft workers depicted in Amman’s lively and realistic woodcuts.  The paper is 140 gsm Magnani; Berthold Wolpe’s Hyperion is used for the captions; and the introduction written by the historian Veronica Speedwell.

 In addition to the many bindings we have crowded into our display cases there are examples of student work from most of the other programs at North Bennet Street School on exhibit.  You can shield your eyes from those items and focus on the books… or feel free to enjoy the entire show!

The exhibition hours are varied.  Please contact Jason Gregoricus at NBSS to confirm specific times before visiting at 617-227-0155 or studentservices@nbss.org.


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