New England Chapter News

A few items to share…

The Upcoming Chapter Exhibition:

Sales of the set book for the upcoming exhibition have apparently been steady.  Don’t wait to order your copy from the limited run available for this binding competition!  Johnny Carrera has set up a PayPal account to accept payments for the Pictorial Webster’s.  You can make your payments to his account at cquercus@ix.netcom.comMassachusetts residents must add sales tax!  Refer to the original post for more information, but sales information is copied here:

To purchase a text block, please send complete contact details, including your email address, and a check made payable to Quercus Press for $38 ($35 text block plus $3 shipping and handling) to:

Johnny Carrera
Quercus Press
144 Moody Street, Bldg. 18
Waltham, MA  02453

Please contact Johnny with questions regarding overseas shipping and payment options, at, (cell) 617-458-6395. For all other questions, email

Additional information about the submission process, jury, exhibition venues, etc. forthcoming!

Chapter committee Elections and Annual Meeting:

The annual meeting will be a potluck social gathering in late June, exact dates and times will be posted very shortly but we had to make some changes in plans so are re-working the event accordingly.

2010 is our regional chapter’s year for elections!  Most of the current committee has agreed to serve another term– in fact we feel some obligation as we have already accepted the challenges of hosting GBW Standards in Boston in 2011 and undertaken a binding competition!  Of course we welcome any challengers, nominations, and additional volunteers!

Amanda Nelsen is not able to continue as our exhibitions chair since she is relocating a little to the south of New England to work for Rare Book School.  We owe her great thanks for getting the bookbinding competition off the ground!  And congratulations on the new job, Amanda!  After inquiring among the membership we have found a volunteer, Amelia Sorensen, to run for this post in spite of the need to step into the current project mid-stream.

The current list of candidates are:

Jeffrey Altepeter, Chapter Chair
Christina Amato, Events Chair
Lori Foley, Secretary
Amelia Sorensen, Exhibitions Chair

Again, we welcome any other nominations which should be sent to the secretary, Lori Foley at LFoley @ or you may contact the chair, Jeff Altepeter at jeff @  Please send nominations as soon as possible.  Nominations from the floor at the annual meeting will be accepted only if the nominee has agreed to serve, in writing, prior to the meeting.

Ballots will be mailed out soon and can be returned by mail or you may vote in person at the annual meeting.

GBW Standards in Boston 2011

As you know by now, the annual conference will be in New England in 2011.  Mary Patrick Bogan has been appointed as the chair of the local organizing committee (local host).  MP is well underway in forming the rest of her committee and will be looking for additional volunteers to help make this an outstanding conference.  Please let us know if you want to be added to the growing (but never full) list.  You can reach MP at mpbogan @


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