Pictorial Webster’s Exhibition Entry Guidelines

Thank you to everyone that purchased the Pictorial Webster’s Dictionary in anticipation of the New England Chapter exhibition.  All members of the Guild of Book Workers are eligible to submit images for consideration.  If you aren’t already a member of GBW you may join online at www.guildofbookworkers.org.

Please note that the entry fee and digital images are due February 1, 2011.   We apologize for problems with the yahoo email that has been previously advertised for a contact method for this exhibition.  Please direct your submissions to Jeff’s NBSS email as per the guidelines below.  Any questions can be directed to the chapter email address newengland@guildofbookworkers.org.

Please read the following guidelines carefully.


Thank you for your interest in binding the Pictorial Webster’s Dictionary, the set book for the upcoming Guild of Book Worker’s New England Chapter Exhibition.  We hope you remain interested in participating and plan to complete your binding in time to submit your entry.  We are distributing these entry guidelines in as many ways possible to attempt to reach all those interested in submitting.

Jurors will select bindings from digital images submitted by the due date of February 1, 2011.  A single entry is permitted (one binding), but you are welcome to submit up to a maximum of 3 images of your binding for consideration.  We request one full view (both boards and spine), and suggest one or two detail shots that help the judges ascertain the quality of the workmanship as well as the design (a close up of head cap, titling, or decorative technique, for example).  Images must be in jpg file format and a minimum 640 x 480 pixels @ 72dpi.  Images must be named as “binders name-1.jpg” (e.g. smith-1.jpg, smith-2.jpg, etc.).

Please email your images to Jeff Altepeter, the New England Chapter chair: bookbinding [at] nbss.org and please include your name and PW exhibit in the subject line.  You will receive a confirmation email in response to your submission.

Please include with your images your COMPLETE contact information, a brief bio, an insurance value, and a description of materials and techniques used in the binding.  An artist’s statement or design explanation is optional but desirable.

The entry fee is $45.* Please mail your check payable to the Guild of Book Workers to:

Jeff Altepeter
New England GBW
1 Fitchburg Street B156
Somerville, MA 02143

Entry fees will be applied to exhibition costs, including insured shipping between venues, return shipping of exhibited bindings, and catalog production costs.  Entry fees are also due February 1st.

You must be a member of the Guild of Book Workers to participate and we request that you maintain your membership through the duration of this exhibition, which is intended as a display of member work.

*If you are already a member of the New England Chapter (since at least 2010) you qualify for a discounted entry fee of $30.  Please understand that this discount is being provided to existing members of our chapter in appreciation for their ongoing support of our regional activities, not as an incentive to join the chapter.


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