Pictorial Webster’s Exhibition, More Information

The deadline is upon us, but please don’t panic.  You can do it!  Just give it that final push and finish your binding!  We are more interested in your participation than the February 1st deadline.  Since we’ll be working over the next week to put the digital images into an organized format for the jury you can push the deadline by a few days if you simply let us know your entry is on the way. We will certainly need your images by next weekend (February 5-6) in order to stay on schedule.

The jury will be at work soon and we hope to notify participants of decisions by the end of February, at which point all those accepted will be given instructions for sending the selected bindings to us.  Please note that your binding must be sent in a suitable protective enclosure such as a clamshell box… so you have about a month to prepare that if you haven’t already done so!

The jury, by the way, includes John Carrera, Amanda Nelsen, and Karen Hanmer.  John Carrera you certainly know as the creator of the Pictorial Webster’s but promises he has an open mind about what you all have been inspired to do with his book.  Amanda and Karen are both highly accomplished bookbinders/book artists and were selected for their well-balanced appreciation of both the “Craft” and “Art” of books.

Please follow the instructions from the previous blog post to enter your binding.  Send your images and information to Jeff Altepeter at bookbinding [at] nbss.org.  You will get an emailed response confirming your submission.  Good luck!


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