Book Workers Social Evening

Are you tired of having to say each time you see your book friends “Hey, it’s been too long – why don’t we get together more often?” Announcing a monthly social event that will give us a chance to get together with fellow book workers/friends, have a drink, maybe grab some food, and just socialize -no deep thinking involved (unless that’s what you are into). We will try to plan a monthly social event at various venues and geographic locations around New England. Non-Guild members are welcome!

Our first social evening will be at Christopher’s in Porter Square, 1920 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA on December 5th from 5:30 until whenever. No registration or prior notice is required, just show up if you feel like it, look for the party hat, see some old friends and get a chance to meet some new ones.

Since no one liked Todd’s antiquated name for this program, please help us name the event! A free appetizer will go to the best name.

If you have a favorite bar, relaxed restaurant or local dive where you think we should host a get together, just email us at