Bar Bound

February 9th at 3:00 pm until whenever at:

Novare Res
4 Canal Plaza, Suite 1
Old Port in Portland, Maine

The New England chapter of the Guild of Book Workers will be holding its February social gathering in Portland Maine at Novare Res – which has lovely cask-conditioned beers and a food menu. Todd Pattison and Martha Kearsley will be on hand to make sure things don’t get out of control.

Bar Bound is an opportunity to get together with fellow book workers/friends, have a drink, maybe grab some food, and just socialize -no deep thinking involved (unless that’s what you are into) with a group of people that are interested in all aspects of the book. This would include bookbinding, printing, papermaking, calligraphy, marbling, book arts and maybe even reading! Just look for the cool group of people having loads of fun.

Location of Novare Res:

New England chapter of the Guild of Book Workers website: