Amazing Dremel Workshop with Jill Timm

We have had a couple of cancellations for the Amazing Dremel Workshop, so we now have two available spots for the workshop.

In the workshop, instructor Jill Timm will demonstrate the limitless options of the Dremel tool. Each student will provide their own Dremel and learn about the various attachment options while using the tool to drill, cut, carve, etch, shape, polish and grind into non-traditional book materials. Students can expect to experiment on materials such as glass, plastic, metals, wood, tile and more. By the end of the workshop, you will have built up quite a reference of materials.

This 2-day workshop will be held May 10th and 11th at the Northeast Document Conservation Center in Andover, MA. and lasts about 6 hours each day. The registration fee is $250 with an additional material fee of $50, which includes your own deluxe Dremel kit with over 100 various attachments. You will need to bring your own Dremel to the workshop – Jill has an information sheet that can help you figure out the best one for your needs if you do not currently own one.

To reserve a space in the workshop, send an email to Todd at


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