2018 NEGBW Annual Meeting – August 10-11 – Dartmouth College, Hanover NH

2018 NEGBW Annual Meeting

August 10-11

Dartmouth College, Hanover NH

Registration is now open for our 2018 Annual Meeting, which will take place at Dartmouth College on August 10-11, 2018. To register, please click here:


Join us Friday evening for a tour of the Rauner Special Collections Library followed by a reception with light refreshments. On Saturday, participants are invited to attend two half-day workshops with Bill Hanscom and Sarah Smith. The annual meeting will take place during lunch.

The workshops are limited to 20 participants, but all members are welcome to attend the annual meeting on August 11th. Please register for lunch if you plan to only attend the meeting. Registration will go live on May 4th. Another announcement will go out with the registration link. But mark your calendars!


Friday, August 10th:

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm Tour at Rauner Special Collections Library
6:00 pm – 7:30 pm Reception and Pop-Up Exhibit in Book Arts Bindery

Saturday, August 11th:

9:00am – 12:00pm Workshop with Sarah Smith or Bill Hanscom
12:00pm – 2:00pm Catered Lunch and Annual Meeting
2:00pm – 5:00pm Workshop with Sarah Smith or Bill Hanscom


Freestyle Composition – Sarah Smith

In this visit to the Book Arts Workshop at Dartmouth College we’ll make letterpress printed posters/decorative paper. One of our Vandercook presses will be set up with a large wood type word cloud and another Vandercook will be set up with a smattering of relief images from our eclectic collection. We’ll get creative with the layering of prints between the presses and you’ll go home with a bunch of fun papers to work with on your books (or to hang on the wall)!

Blizzard Books – Bill Hanscom

Learn to make three variations of Hedi Kyle’s Blizzard Book: The Blizzard Book, Blizzard Pocket, and Blizzard Boxes. Participants will use a variety of utilitarian and decorative papers to fold up wonderful structures that are part book, part container with lots of potential for artistic experimentation and decorative embellishment. You will also have the opportunity to use rubber stamps and stencils to add some color and excitement to your origami creations.

Registration Fee:

Members: $85.00
Non-Members: $110.00
Meeting Only: $20.00

You can use the following link to register:


New England Chapter Committee Elections

As previously announced, the chapter election will be handled by online survey this year.  It turns out only one current chapter member has no email listed, and we will contact them the old-fashioned way.  If you are reading this you are obviously already tuned into the fact that the best way to keep up to date on chapter activities is right here on the blog… though the incoming communications coordinator and web binder may have new tricks up their sleeves!

Meanwhile, the survey invitations have just been emailed directly to all current members.  If you do not get this email please check with us to confirm that your membership is in fact up to date and/or that we have your correct email address.  Please contact outgoing chair, Jeff Altepeter, to resolve any problems.  bookbinding@nbss.org.

Short biographies of all of the candidates are included in the survey and won’t be posted here so publicly as previously stated.  Most of the presumptive committee members will be on hand to meet with members at the upcoming annual meeting.

Annual Meeting and Elections

New England Chapter Annual Meeting
The Independent in Union Square (Somerville, MA)
June 26, 2012.  6pm

The New England Chapter will hold an important annual meeting on Tuesday, June 26th, at 6pm. This meeting is open to all current chapter members, but RSVP to Jeffrey Altepeter (bookbinding@nbss.org).  The Independent is at 75 Union Square in Somerville.

Our primary item of business is the election of an entirely new chapter committee.  A special thanks to our nominating committee which was headed by M.P. Bogan, right on the tail of her heroic work as chair of the Local Host Committee for the GBW Standards Seminar.  And a huge thanks to the following members for stepping forward to revitalize our chapter.  The following were nominated and agreed to stand for election to this committee:

Todd Pattison, Chapter Chair
Athena Moore, Secretary
Erin Fletcher and Katherine Westermann Gray, Chapter Programs Coordinators
Stephanie Wolff, Exhibitions Coordinator
Maryanne Grebenstein, Communications Coordinator
Sharon Pattison, Web Binder

The presumptive committee members will be happy to speak with members about ideas for upcoming chapter activities.  Outgoing Chapter Chair, Jeffrey Altepeter, will give one last annual report.

The nomination period has closed, making this an uncontested election.  You may vote at the annual meeting to approve the above slate or vote online in the forthcoming survey (this will be via SurveyMonkey and take place between now and the annual meeting). Short biographies of the candidates will appear here on the blog when the election survey is announced.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to vote in the national GBW election.  You should have received a specific email invitation for that survey, which is linked to your membership email.  If you did not get an invitation please contact Eric Alstrom.

Call for Nominations for GBW

We need you!  Or somebody you know.  It is time to consider stepping up to help out with the Guild of Book Workers (or suggesting a colleague).  This is your organization and it is run by volunteers.  Make it what you want it to  be!

The New England Chapter will be electing an entirely new committee at the end of this fiscal year (June 2012).  All positions are open: Chair, Secretary, Programs, Exhibitions… please send nominations to the current chair, Jeff Altepeter, as soon as possible (but no later than April 30, 2012).  Jeff will pass on all names to our chapter nominating committee (being chaired by Mary Pat Bogan).  You do not need to contact the person you wish to nominate (the committee will seek their agreement to be on the ballot).  We plan to hold elections for the chapter committee by poll directly on this blog.  Please watch for information in advance of the June elections.

But we need you on the national level as well:


The 2012 election of officers for the Guild of Book Workers Board of Directors will be held in June.

Nominations are being accepted for the following positions:






The current President, Communications Chair, and Standards Chair will be retiring from the Board of Directors.

The current Exhibitions Chair and Newsletter Chair are seeking re-election to their offices.

Please submit nominations AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and NO LATER THAN APRIL 15 to:

Karen Hanmer
Chair, Nominating Committee

You do NOT need to contact the person you are nominating, a member of the Nominating Committee will make contact.

You are encouraged to nominate yourself for any of these positions.

You may also suggest yourself or others to serve as members of these standing committees.

Job descriptions follow this message.

Thank you for your part in ensuring the future of the Guild of Book Workers.

The 2012 Nominating Committee
Karen Hanmer, Chair
Jeff Altepeter
Cris Takacs


The President is the Chief executive office of the Corporation, Chairman of the Board of Directors, general supervisor of the business and affairs of the Corporation and overseer of all orders and resolutions of the Board. The President presides at all meetings of the Board and at the Annual General Meeting, oversees the management of the Corporation, signs contracts for the Corporation, co-ordinates the organization’s activities nationwide and works with all the members of the Board to ensure that Board decisions are carried out.

Each year the President appoints a committee to choose nominees for the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Laura Young Award for Service to the Guild of Book Workers, and presents the nominees to the Board for approval. The President also is responsible for finding candidates for vacancies that may occur on the Board and performs other duties and powers that may be prescribed by the Bylaws or by the Board. The President makes every effort to see that historical materials relating to the Corporation’s presidency are forwarded to the Corporation’s archives in Iowa City.


The Communications Standing Committee Chair leads and organizes the communication efforts of the Guild of Book Workers, including the GBW website. Duties include: update the Guild webpage using Adobe Contribute and FTP; update the web calendar on a regular basis and post timely information on GBW events; maintain and troubleshoot the GBW blog with the blog editors; manage the GBW listserv; maintain the GBW Board communications (listserv and email forwarding); work with the GBW webpage developer on form and content. The Communications Chair also monitors costs and prepares a budget for web services, making sure that the webmaster and services are paid for each year. He or she also manages the other communication avenues for the Guild (such as Facebook and Twitter). The Communications Chair writes an Annual Report, makes general reports at Board meetings and sees that historical materials relating to GBW Communications are forwarded to the Corporation’s archives in Iowa City.


The Exhibitions Standing Committee Chair is responsible for coordinating a committee that oversees the Guild’s traveling exhibit.  Duties of the committee include: determine a theme for the exhibit and number of pieces to be exhibited; produce a budget and loan fees; selection of jurors; find venues nationwide; arrange shipping and insurance for artwork; oversee the production of a catalog, including necessary fundraising; coordinate with the GBW Communications Chair to publicize the exhibit and seek publicity in the general community. The Committee also coordinates with the receiving venues on the arrival of the exhibition pieces. These duties include photography, condition reports and preparation for display and shipping. The Exhibitions Chair writes an Annual Report, prepares a budget, makes general reports at Board meetings and sees that historical materials relating to GBW exhibitions are forwarded to the Corporation’s archives in Iowa City.


The Newsletter Standing Committee Chair is responsible for editing six bimonthly issues of the GBW newsletter each fiscal year, beginning with the August issue. The Newsletter Chair oversees a committee that gathers and writes columns or calendars of activities related to the mission of the Guild. This may include: information about and registration forms for the Standards Seminar; members exhibitions information; GBW election information and ballots; annual reports of the Board of Directors; reports of Standards seminars; reviews of recent publications; new sources of supplies and book related meetings and workshops. The committee also collects ads from book related vendors. The Newsletter Chair manages the work of the production editor, a paid contractor who bills for services below the market rate. The Newsletter Chair writes an Annual Report, prepares a budget, makes general reports at Board meetings and sees that historical materials relating to the GBW newsletter are forwarded to the Corporation’s archives in Iowa City.


The Standards Chair oversees a committee charged with organizing the annual Standards of Excellence Seminar. The committee is mainly comprised of the Local Host (Guild members residing near the venue where the seminar will be held). Other members of the committee include GBW Board members such as the Treasurer. The Standards Chair coordinates the work of the committee in planning and organizing the Standards of Excellence seminar. Duties include: perform final negotiations with the conference hotel/venue and sign contracts; select and invite presenters; coordinate AV needs including videography; coordinate presenter needs (tools and equipment, AV needs, photocopies); organize a GBW fundraiser auction; coordinate finances with the GBW Treasurer; coordinate vendor room and arrangements; get information to GBW members via the Communications and Newsletter Chairs; keep the GBW President informed of all progress. These duties may be shared with the Local Host as necessary. The Standards Chair writes an Annual Report, makes general reports at Board meetings and sees that historical materials relating to the Standards of Excellence Seminar are forwarded to the Corporation’s archives in Iowa City.

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