1984 // Fall Exhibition

Fall Exhibition
November 1 – 30
Bromer Booksellers
Boston, MA
Exhibit Catalog – 1984 Fall Exhibition Catalog

Charles Altschul, Barbara Blumenthal, Mary Patrick Bogan, Lage Carlson, Barbara Cash, Claudia Cohen, Emma and Jack Craib, Sarah Creighton, Tara Devereux, Golgonooza Letter Foundry, Don Glaister, Peter Geraty, Maria Grandinette, Robert Hauser, Daniel E. Kelm, Polly Lada-Mocarski, Linda Lembke, Thomas Lyman, Michael McCurdy, Barry Moser, Suzanne Moore, Joseph Newman, Gray Parrot, Alan James Robinson, George Sargent, Julie B. Stackpole, Pamela Talin, Thistle Bindery, I. Christina Weinberg, Deborah Wender, Arno Werner

Our time has been witness to more changes than has any preceding age. I personally have lived to see men walk on the Moon; I have held in my hand a calculator that performed functions only achievable by an entire room of machinery in the year of my birth; I have seen much of a great library reduced to ugly spools of microfilm. There are some modern seers who now prophesy the demise of the Book as we know it. I think rather that the great flowering of the Book Arts in America during the last decade or so will continue to produce fruit for a while yet, that it has never been more healthy and is not merely some sort of fin-de-siecle decadence.

In this exhibition we of the Guild of Book Workers offer you our best efforts, with love of the past and hope for the future. It is up to you, who come to see our work or peruse this catalogue, to decided if our movement is vital or if our labors have been in vain. My decision has already been made.


Gray Parrot
October 10, 1984

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