1989 // Members Exhibition

New England Chapter Members Exhibition
March 31 through June 25
Rhode Island School of Design – Museum of Art
Providence, RI
Exhibit Catalog – Members Exhibition Catalog

Richard Baker, Carol J. Blinn, Barbara Blumenthal, David P. Bourbeau, Dan Carr and Julia Ferrari, Barbara Cash, Marnie Cobbs, Claudia Cohen, Sarah Creighton, Sam Ellenport, Peter Geraty, Donald Glaister, Jerusha Grosh, Robert Hauser, Daniel E. Kelm, Christopher A. Krone, Nancy Leavitt, Diane Maurer, S.A. Neff, Jr., Joe Newman, Elin Noble, Kim O’Donnell, Grace Peters, Sarah G. Pringle, Alan James Robinson, Linda Rubinstein, Katalin Sebestyen, Julie B. Stackpole, Deborah Wender, Arno Werner, Mary Wootton

Each catalog has a unique paste paper and were hand sewn by many Guild members. Richard Baker, Barbara Blumenthal, Sarah Creighton, Daniel Kelm, Nancy Leavitt, Suzanne Moore, Elin Noble, Kim O’Donnell and Sarah Pringle worked on the catalog and exhibition production.

Take A Look Back

Writing an introduction for a catalogue containing items that so obviously speak for themselves seems superfluous. But, book shows (just as other art exhibitions) have catalogues, so I’ll let my introduction serve as an homage to the contributors.

The 1989 Member’s Exhibition of the New England Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers is strong testimony that book arts are not only alive and well but flourishing here in the Northeast. The variety and scope of the show is matched by the exuberance of individual pieces. There are examples of artist’s books, fine bindings, fine printing, the livre de peintre, and, even a coffee-table book!

Variety in an exhibition such as this is bound to occur; what is not a foregone conclusion is the very highest quality that is present here. Although a regional exhibition, most of the edition books are nationally known and many of the individuals whose work is represented here have national and even international reputations.

We are currently enjoying a revival in the interest in book arts, resulting in many more national exhibitions. Some exhibits focus only on fine binding, others on the livre de peintre, but in almost every exhibition in the past ten years, there was almost always represented some aspect of the work of a member of the New England Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers.

Enjoy their exhibition — and support your local book artist!

Priscilla Juvelis
Boston, Massachusetts

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