Digital Photography Workshop

The New England Conservation Association (NECA) has some openings in its June 11-12 workshop on digital photography for conservators and would like to invite members of the New England chapter of  the Guild of Bookworkers to consider participating.

As the workshop is subsidized quite substantially by NECA, we would request that those interested in attending join NECA. The annual membership fee is $25.

If you are interested please contact Kate Smith <>

        Workshop Posting

Digital Photography for Conservators Yosi A. R-Pozeilov

June 11-12, 9-5 both days
Worcester Art Museum

$150.00 per person, morning coffee and lunch provided. Fee also includes a copy of Yosi’s publication Digital Photography For Art Conservation.

Learn the basics of digital imaging and unique applications that are vital to the conservator’s proper documentation of treatments with this popular workshop. Many conservators express the desire to make better use of this relatively new medium to obtain appropriate, accurate records of their work. The workshop specifically addresses issues encountered by the conservator. It will cover the basics of the digital imaging, starting with the identification of proper digital imaging capture devices (i.e. digital cameras, scanners, etc.) and their most efficient methods of use; the importance of knowing the purpose or intended destination of the images generated; some aspects of lighting; image transfer mechanism and preservation; and instruction on image correction and editing using Photoshop software.

Yosi A. R-Pozeilov is the Senior Photographer at the Conservation Center of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Since his return to Los Angeles and to LACMA at the end of 2003 Yosi was given the task to convert the analogue photographic studio into a digital one. Benefiting from the invaluable experience gained during the two years that he worked at the Harvard College Library in Cambridge, MA at the digital imaging studio, as well as his experience at the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), Boston, Yosi was successful in fully implementing a digital workflow in the Conservation Center. In 2004 he was invited by the AIC to teach his first workshop on digital photography at the annual meeting in Portland, OR. Since then, Yosi has taught his workshop at several venues across the country and on-line through the FAIC.

The workshop can accommodate 25 participants. Please email Kate Smith at to reserve a spot on the list!