Chapter Links


Please contact the chapter chair ( to have your book related site or blog added to our links page.

Velma Bolyard / Wake Robin:

Henry Pelham Burn / bookbinder/conservator in New York City: henrypb33 AT

Elissa Campbell / Business Name: Blue Roof Designs:

Judith Cohen / SevenHillsBindery:

Samantha Couture / Flyleaf Bindery:

James Reid-Cunningham / James Reid-Cunningham Bookbinding and Conservation, LLC:

Todd Davis / Middlesex Bindery:

Sam Ellenport / Chagford Antiquarians, Inc: sam AT

Erin Fletcher / Herringbone Bindery:

AEleen Frisch / Medusa’s Laugh Press:

Karen Hanmer:

Lang Ingalls /

Martha Kearsley / Strong Arm Bindery:

Daniel E. Kelm / The Wide Awake Garage and Garage Annex School:

Nancy Leavitt / Calligrapher:

Erica Mena / Anomalous Press:

John Nove / Grey Seal Bindery: nove.john AT

Jason Patrician / The Fish Bindery:

Mitzi Pratt

Sarah Pike / FreeFall Laser:

Sarah Pringle / Cinch:

Laurel Rogers / Passionato Books:

Robert Walp / Chester Creek Press:


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