Chapter Links

Many of our members provide services like hand bookbinding, conservation, teaching, calligraphy, laser cutting and more. We also have members creating design bindings, artist books, blank journals and other products that might be a perfect fit for your library or collections. Please contact the Communications Chair to have your website or blog added to our links page (must be a member).

Check out our many talented members:
AEleen Frisch / Medusa’s Laugh Press

Daniel E. Kelm / The Wide Awake Garage and Garage Annex School

Elissa Campbell / Blue Roof Designs

Erica Mena / Anomalous Press

Erin Fletcher / Herringbone Bindery

Henry Pelham Burn / bookbinder/conservator in New York City: henrypb33 AT

Greta Llanes / bookbinder, conservation technician & craftsman: gretallanes AT

Jack & Taff Fitterer / Hand Bookbinding & Restoration

James Reid-Cunningham / James Reid-Cunningham Bookbinding and Conservation, LLC

Jason Patrician / The Fish Bindery

Joelle Webber / Mermaid Bindery

John Nove / Grey Seal Bindery

Judith Cohen / Seven Hills Bindery

Karen Hanmer

Lang Ingalls

Laurel Rogers / Passionato Books

Lindsey Julow

Marie Oedel / Bookartisan

Martha Kearsley / Strong Arm Bindery

Melanie Mowinski / PRESS • 29Press

Mitzi Pratt

Nancy Leavitt / Calligrapher

Peter Geraty / Praxis Bindery

Peter D. Verheyen / Pressbengel Project Blog and Book Arts Web

Rachel Jackson / Binah Design

Robert Walp / Chester Creek Press

Robin Brandes

Rutherford Witthus / Phi Press

Sam Ellenport / Chagford Antiquarians, Inc: sam AT

Samantha Couture / Flyleaf Bindery

Sarah PikeFreeFall Laser

Sarah Pringle / Cinch

Stephanie Wolff

Todd Davis / Middlesex Bindery

Valerie Carrigan / Messenger Press

Velma Bolyard / Wake Robin

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