Annual Print and Paper Exchange

Our Annual Paper and Print Exchanges are a call to members to create and exchange objects on a theme. Each member who participants sends out an edition of art and receives the same amount of custom pieces in return. Click the links below to see more details of past exchanges and to view the online gallery.

Bugs // 2019
Participants include: Stuart Copans, Karen Hanmer, Barbara Hebard, Sabrena Johnson, Kate Levy, Yi Bin Liang, Anne McMillan, K.E. Sekararum, Julie Stackpole, Colin Urbina

Autumn Equinox (exchange with Lone Star Chapter) // 2018
Participants include: Stuart Copans, Erin Fletcher, Æleen Frisch, Virginia Green, Barbara Adams Hebard, Elizabeth Mellot, Erica Mena, Melanie Mowinski, Kim Neiman, Adrianne O’Donnell, K.E. Sekararum, Pamela Wood, Matthew Zimmerman

Architecture // 2018
Participants include: Stuart Copans, Barbara Hebard, Andrew Huot, Martha Kearsley, Kate Levy, Liz McHugh, Emily Patchin, Sarah Pike, K.E. Sekararum, Emma Sovich, Colin Urbina, Dawn Walus, Matthew Zimmerman

Spring Equinox // 2017
Participants include: Katherine Beaty, Carol Blinn, Erin Fletcher, Æleen Frisch, Penelope Hall, Martha Kearsley, Kate Levy, Anne McLain, Melanie Mowinski, Emily Patchin, Colin Urbina, Linnea Vegh

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