2004 // New England Vignettes

New England Vignettes
November 11 through December 31
Providence Athenaeum
Providence, RI
Exhibit Catalog – New England Vignettes Catalog

Barbara Adams Hebard, Cathy Adelman, Jeffrey Altepeter, Alicia Bailey, Barbara B. Blumenthal, David Bourbeau (Thistle Bindery), Donia Conn, Sam Ellenport, Cynthia H. Fields-Bélanger, Johanna Finnegan-Topitzer, Jack Fitterer, Daniel A. Gehnrich, Penelope Hall, Mary Howe, Audrey Jawando, Abigail S. Jones, Amy Lapidow, Nancy Ruth Leavitt, Lisa Olson, James Reid-Cunningham, Paulette Rosen, Sarah M. Smith, Julie B. Stackpole, Claire Van Vliet, Peter D. Verheyen, Robert Walp, Stephanie Wolff, Valerie Wyckoff
*please note that Donia Conn and Peter D. Verheyen’s names were swapped in the catalog

Curated by our chapter exhibitions chair, Lori Foley, this open-themed exhibition featured fine bindings, fine press work, artists’ books and calligraphy by members of the New England Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers.

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