1992 // 10th Anniversary Exhibition

10th Anniversary of the New England Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers
March 9 through May 2
Museum of Our National Heritage – Van Gorden-Williams Library
Lexington, MA

May 15 through June 15
Round Top Center for the Arts
Damariscotta, ME
Exhibit Catalog – 10th Anniversary Catalog

Katherine Beattie, Barbara Bigelow, Carol J. Blinn, Barbara Blumenthal, Barbara Cash, Pamela Fae Cole, Nancy Culmone, Mark Esser, Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord, Robert Hauser, Gloria Helfgott, Jenny Hille, Kiyoshi Imai, Monique Lallier, Nancy R. Leavitt, Rebekah L. Lord, Kathleen A. Markees, Jeanne-Marie Musto, S.A. Neff, Kim O’Donnell, James Reid-Cunningham, Alan James Robinson, M. Abigail Rorer, Linda Rubinstein, Julie B. Stackpole, Peter David Verheyen, Valerie Wyckoff,

Ten years ago, a small group of binders in New England — all members of the Guild of Book Workers — succeeded in becoming the first Chapter of that organization. Our New England Chapter, already independent in spirit, has become an example to others as we formed our own programs and defined our own goals. The success of our Chapter should be judged not only by our organization, programs and shared goals of furthering an understanding of the book arts; it must also be judged by the valued friendships and pleasures which have developed from an openness and willingness to share information and ideas.

Well over one hundred strong, our Chapter’s membership reflects the great diversity within the book arts: traditional to avant garde bookbinding, papermaking and paper art, marbling and calligraphy, typography and design. While our group includes amateurs and professionals, it is the shared common goal of the study and advancement of the book arts which gives a vigorous cohesiveness to our growing Chapter.

This exhibition, marking the tenth anniversary of the New England Chapter, is an outgrowth and adaptation of several rich traditions within the book arts. Work on display often belies the time and skill of creation. While some pieces are whimsical, others argue their achievement with simplicity and understatement. All give pleasure.

As one of the founders of our Chapter, I am delighted to see how our group has grown from a small band of binders centered around Boston to a wide, diverse and enthusiastic body embracing so many of the book arts. Our Chapter can take pride in the continued commitment of its members, reflected in this tenth anniversary exhibit.

Sam Ellenport
Past Chairperson

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