Video Recording of the NEGBW Show and Tell – Uppercase Magazine // September 23, 2020

This is a very special Show and Tell, sponsored by the New England Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers, featuring bindings of the Encyclopedia of Inspiration! We were so delighted to be joined by Janine Vangool of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and the Publisher of Uppercase Magazine, and Todd Pattison and Sharon Pattison. Janine spoke about how the Uppercase Encyclopedia of Inspiration was developed and Todd spoke about the history of the binding project, and detailed how he facilitates distributing the Encyclopedia in sheets to each group of binders.

Ten talented binders shared the books they made for the project. They are:

Jackie Scott, Providence, RI, USA (Feed Sacks)
Tara O’Brien, Philadelphia, PA, USA (Stitch-Illo)
Erwin Huebner, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada (Vintage Life)
Marcia Vogel, Vermont, USA (Vintage Life)
Todd Davis, Boston, MA, USA (Vintage Life)
Brenda Gallagher, Boulder, CO, USA (Vintage Life)
Victoria Birth, Salt Lake City, UT (Vintage Life)
Debra Frances, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA (Ephemera)
Lucia Farias, Monterrey, Mexico (Ephemera)
Jodee Fenton, Seattle, WA, USA (Quilted, website forthcoming – please also visit Print/Maker!)

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